After the high of winning their first piece of major silverware in dramatic fashion, cosmic balance was restored at Ross County last month when some genius accidentally deleted the Scottish League Cup champions’ website.
And when we say “deleted”, we mean “deleted”. As in, gone entirely for three days as they rebuilt it from scratch. How that’s even possible in today’s age of back-up systems and portable hard drives is a mystery, but the club’s fans were left scratching their heads when the site disappeared.
It wouldn’t be quite so bad if they’d been playing some nobodies the following weekend (i.e. 97 per cent of the Scottish league), but as luck would have it they were playing Celtic. At home. In other words, it was their biggest money-maker of the season and fans couldn’t buy tickets online. Still at least it was back up for their next game – against St Johnstone. We’re sure that raked in the big bucks too. Cough.
Photo Credit: Glasgow Celtic