Schoolgirl Says No To Mum On Boob JobMost mums would be pleased if their daughter said they didn’t want to have a boob-job, but oh no, not 53-year-old, mother of nine Chantal Marshall.

14-year-old schoolgirl Britney Marshall has shocked her her family by refusing to have a boob job and look like a cheap imitation of Jordan. Instead Britney dreams of one day going to university and keeps her nose firmly in the books!

Being raised with four sisters and a mother who all have silicon breasts it was her thick skin which determined she didn’t need one, well for now. Although judging by the look of the Marshall clan, she may well have to become a glamour model like her older sister in order to put herself through university.

It is estimated that Mrs Marshall and her four daughters have spent £50,000 on breast enlargement.

The over inflated mother of nine is convinced that her daughter Britney is going through a “funny phase”

The 53-year-old mother, now grandmother too, claims that her fake breasts makes her feel young especially when mistaken for one of their sisters at nightclubs. And yes, the sisters do look ropey. Image the McQueens but with a bottle of bleach and cellulite.

Saucer of milk for one!

By Priyal Dadhania

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