Is there any real point trying to bleep Samuel L. Jackson? Few actors make swearing sound so sweet and right now he is in high demand for his role as Nick Fury in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. Before that hits he’s been interviewed to promote his role in Glass, the final film in M Night Shyamalan’s trilogy. In the space of three and a half minutes he managed ten motherf*ckers, seven sh*ts, six f*cks and just the two piss me offs for a breakfast radio interview. That’s a whole lotta bleeps.

He had good reason to unleash such bad language when he was asked to take part in #Trashbag for the 1Xtra Breakfast Show with Dotty. Basically, Room 101 on the radio with Jackson wanting to put an end to drivers in LA who ignore stop signs, shoppers with more then ten items in the express queue and fans asking for selfies at 6am. The 70 year-old does have a point there, bleeps or not.