Rock StarTurning to comfort food when you’re having a crap day is hardly unusual. But what is unusual is when said comfort food is rocks. Yep, actual stones.

Whereas most people reach for a tub of Ben & Jerry’s or a bar of Cadbury’s, Teresa Widener from Virginia prefers to binge on boulders. The 45-year-old has been indulging her weird habit for 20 years, consuming 1,360 kg of the stuff in total. That’s as heavy as an average humpback whale.

Since meeting her husband Jim, Teresa says her cravings have died down a bit and she’s snacking less.

“Jim makes me so happy I’ve started eating less,” she told the Metro. “But everyone has bad days and when I have one, only rocks can make me feel better.”

Teresa picks up her snacks on “romantic” walks with Jim, often opting for muddy ones because she likes the “earthy flavour”. Delicious.

She even has a special stash of them in her kitchen cupboard. Right next to the hob nobs probably. We wonder if she dunks them in tea?

By Anna Tabrah

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