A robot has been developed at the University of Tokyo in Japan that can play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and win every single time.

The robot, named ‘Janken’ which translates as ‘fist games’, can recognise the shape and position of a human hand using a high-speed camera in just one millisecond. It then adjusts its own robotic hand accordingly to ensure a victory.

Scientists at the Ishikawa Lab have developed the robot, whose analysis is so quick, it is apparently undetectable to the human eye. As reported in the Metro, they explained: “The vision [of the robot] recognises one of rock, paper and scissors based on the shape of the human hand. After that, the robot hand plays one of rock, paper and scissors so as to beat the human being in 1ms.”

Janken is being hailed as a further step towards the possibility that humans and robots will one day be able to work together.

Well, let’s hope that the robot doesn’t challenge Obama to a game otherwise we could end up with an I, Robot situation…

By Georgina Deacon

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