Rio Spits the DummyHe continuously infuriates his manager, he throws darts at people, has a few screws loose in his head but on the weekend he gained a few fans. BBM is of course referring to Mario ‘baby’ Balotelli. For the extra gray hairs he has given Roberto Mancini he still chose him to start against Manchester United in the FA Cup. And in true Balotelli style he was not going to leave a game without pissing someone off. This time round it was England captain reject, Rio Ferdinand. With a bit of Manchester City badge pointing and a wink from Balotelli, was enough to get Rio express his sour grapes. Because, in Rio’s world no one is allowed to celebrate if Manchester United lose. Dream on Rio what do you expect from a player who got stick from your fans throughout the whole game. Even though Mancini tried to play peace maker, BBM get the feeling that he was secretly happy in seeing the United looking like sore losers. The Red Devils treble has just become a double, which are two than the Gunners.

Which brings BBM to our favourite coach, Arsene Wenger whose anger and frustration was clearly shown on the weekend. All this emotion is a clear sign just how much Wenger cares, which is more than what can be said about the Gunner boys. They had more than enough time to score goals, in a match the felt like was never going to end, but nothing happened. No emotion, no anger just basically they have given up. Wenger was the only showing his disappointment and passion by refusing to shake Kenny Daglish’s hand. But, BBM thinks that Wenger should have told Daglish that his side just helped United win their 19th league title. Instead in true Arsenal fashion the boys failed to perform, so let’s not pretend to be shocked by all this. Unless, drastic changes happen at the Emirates the top four is where they will remain.

By Lorna Evio