Redknapp And Mandaric Not Guilty, Did Anyone Tell The BBC This?Rejoice England football fans who want ‘Arry Redknapp as manager, his name has been cleared and England can finally have a good manager hopefully. Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric have been found not guilty in their trial for tax evasion in a two week saga which has seen evidence and court cases drag on through proceedings. The high profile case was started 8 years ago after Redknapp was reported to have an offshore account with money from Mandaric. Redknapp and Mandaric were both arrested in 2007 for alleged tax evasion, and the case has gone on for more than 5 years before a series of trials over the last two weeks had gone on.
Redknapp said afterwards “My family … have really pulled through it these last five years that this has been hanging over us. I’m really just looking forward to getting home … It really has been a nightmare, I’ve got to be honest.”
“This is a case that should never have come to court. It’s unbelievable, really.”
So poor Harry has been hounded by the media and police wrongfully over the last 5 years, and he thinks that this never been to court for the last 5 years as well. Do you think that if he gave some good evidence back then this NEVER would have happened Harry? Think about those tactics England fans, and then see if he will be useful as a tactician.
And when the jury had reached the verdict, the BBC had made the king of all errors, as they reported that both men were GUILTY on one charge. They later apologised for this, but they also put before that error on the screens ‘Jury has returned their verdict’. A bit of Year 7 grammar from our loveable BBC don’t you think?

By Jason Barr

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