Rebecca Adlington– After winning her BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in 2008, Rebecca Adlington said: “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my parents.”

No shit.

– Newsflash: The Olympic Swimming Pool was evacuated earlier today when reports came in of a shark being seen in the water.

Investigation into the incident revealed that the cause of the scare was Rebecca Adlington doing the backstroke.

– Everybody is a celebrity lookalike.

All you got to do is look into a spoon and you see Rebecca Adlington!

– Must have been drunk last night.

I got home and wanked over Rebecca Adlington

– Rebecca Adlington is fantastic at the Breaststroke.

I’ve spent the last hour wondering how good she is at the Cock Stroke

– Olympic swimming heroine Rebecca Adlington almost had an accident at training today. Keen to get in the pool she didn’t notice it had been drained.

Luckily her fall was cushioned when she landed on her nose.

– Rebecca Adlington’s agent has said the BBC Trust did not take a tough enough stance over comments made about the swimmers appearance in Mock the Week.

Serves her right for being so nosey.

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