Quicker than you can say ‘bubonic plague’, Danish fans went medieval on their derby rivals’ asses recently by throwing dead rats at the players.
The Superliga clash between Brondby and FC Copenhagen came within a rodent’s whisker of being abandoned after Copenhagen player Ludwig Augustinsson was peppered by the deceased disease carriers while trying to take a corner.
“All players are used to having beers and much more thrown at them, but dead rats…” FC Copenhagen said in its match report.
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All Over For All-Rounder

One young England player who could be a secret weapon at this year’s Ashes series is ambitious all-rounder Zafar Ansari.
At just 25 years old, he’s played 71 first-class games, he’s taken 128 wickets, he’s been picked for England and oh shit he’s just retired.
“After seven years as a professional cricketer and almost two decades in total playing, I have decided to bring my cricket career to an end,” said the young whippersnapper. “While the timing may come as a surprise, I have always maintained that cricket was just one part of my life and that I have other ambitions that I want to fulfil.”
What an idiot. Does the Cambridge University masters graduate really think there’s more of a future in career in law than in Test-match cricket? Actually, he may be smarter than he looks.
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Mother of a Mistake

He may have Tourette’s, (no really, he does) but that was no excuse for former Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard who has been suspended for three matches in the MLS for making  some – ahem – derogatory comments about a fan’s mother during a game.
The filthy-mouthed shotstopper, who now plays in the MLS with the Colorado Rapids, swore at a rival supporter during a 3-1 defeat at Sporting Kansas City
A video emerged of opposition fans taunting the 38-year-old. However, Howard soon put them in their place using his Oscar Wilde-esque wit by loudly declaring: “fuck your mother!”
“While this is out of character for Tim, we do not condone these actions,” said a Rapids spokesman. Considering he has Tourette’s, it’s surely not that out of character.
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