darling-its-better-down-where-its...We can’t quite work out whether Hugh Hefner makes us feel sick or inspired.

Hugh Hefner Funny News Story

The 84-year-old Playboy founder popped the question to 24-yea-old Playmate Crystal Harris, who has featured on The Girls Next Door. He clearly took her age into consideration when he popped the engagement ring in a Little Mermaid music box, as he still likes to enjoy all things Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder related.

“Naturally she said yes”

Naturally she said yes, but it’s not like he gave her much of an option, Harris said, “We were up in the bedroom and my favourite movie is The Little Mermaid, so he had the ring in a Little Mermaid box, and that was so special. I opened it and the first thing he said to me was, ‘I hope it fits!'” Erm, congratulations we guess.
Actually, Hugh! We’ll marry you if you include us in your will, ah go on you know you want to! (P.S. Little Mermaid fans will know that that headline is a line from a song in the movie, we’re not that sick.)