qantas hardly a flying successEver seen the film Brewster’s Millions? Basically, Richard Pryor has to lose millions of dollars by making bad investments in order to inherit a billion dollars from his dead uncle. It probably sounded like a good idea on paper but, unfortunately, it was utter shit and painful to watch.

We bring it up because we can only assume the marketing people at Qantas have taken their inspiration from the film, such is their determination to drive the company’s reputation into the ground with bad idea after bad idea.

So hot on the heels of controversially grounding their fleet in October – a drastic move that stranded thousands of still-angry customers – comes a Twitter competition inviting people to describe their “dream luxury in-flight experience.” The prize for being the biggest suck-up to Qantas is a pair of Qantas first-class pyjamas and a toiletries kit. Woop-de-doo.

Somewhat predictably, the competition did little more than give hundreds of irate customers still pissed off about the October shenanigans a chance to take the piss.

So Twitter user “ChanArmstrong”, for example, said his idea of a luxury flight from Qantas was “more than 3mins notice that the whole airline is on strike,” while another user, describing themselves as “thesuspecto,” said “choose Singapore Air luxury instead.”

Daniel Angus said Qantas luxury, to him, meant “being stranded on the other side of the world without warning when you just want to get home to your 10-month-old daughter.”

Amazingly, it’s still not the worst PR idea they’ve had this year. In August, they asked rugby fans to pose as their favourite player. Inevitably, culturally sensitive Australians used it as an excuse to ‘black-up’ and put afro-wigs on claiming they were Radike Samo.

So what next for Qantas? Expect an online Christmas competition asking people to explain what they don’t like about Jewish people.

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