So anyone who’s travelled on the London Underground knows coming across weird-looking characters is the norm. However, commuters were greeted with an even stranger-than-normal sight when a group of performers dressed as pandas piled into Charing Cross Tube Station on Wednesday.

The furry lot made their way to Covent Garden, where they were attending a ‘Panda Party’ in aid of Panda Awareness Week. The 108 bears represented the number of the animals currently living in the Chengdu Panda Base, China.

The aim of the awareness week was to bring attention to pandas as an endangered species. Wildlife presenter, Nigel Marven, is an ambassador for the cause and accompanied the costumed performers to educational talks at London schools.

“We hope that Panda Awareness Week can help us gain more support for panda conservation and find new advocates for this very special cause,” Marven told the Metro.

We reckon it’s a load of bollocks and they were off to a mass furries orgy, and using the Pandas as an elaborate cover up.

By Anna Tabrah

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