Revealed: Poker is a game of sport

As children, many of us dreamed of being a professional sports player; usually cricket, soccer, or rugby. But these careers are not particularly accessible to many people. Online poker does not have these same barriers to enter the industry. If you hone your poker skills, you could become a professional online poker player. Professional online poker players’ incomes have been rising rapidly in recent years, and are sometimes even comparable to those of Aussie sports stars!
However, not everyone has the skill to become a professional poker player. Only around 25% of poker players go on to make decent money in the long term, and only 10% of poker players become good enough at the game to ‘go pro’, and become professional poker players. Whereby they earn their entire income from poker. It is important to note that due to the nature of poker, earnings will not be steady every month. Statistics of professional poker players’ income are calculated with their life time earnings. Even some of the best players will go through long losing streaks. Many even have whole years they do not make money. This is why many of the top professionals create a ‘pot’. Whereby they separate a certain amount of playable money, and ensure they do not spend more than that in a year.
The earnings of a professional poker player will depend on three contributing factors. Firstly, you have to consider how many games you are playing a month. The more hands you play, the more opportunities you have to win. You also need to take into consideration what your average win-rate is. The more games you win –the more money you stand to earn. The final factor which can influence your earnings is the stakes of each game. You may earn more money playing one very high stakes game, than you would playing many low stakes games.
So how do the earnings of professional poker players compare to that of Aussie sports stars? A decent poker player can earn in the region of $50 000 a year, while a jockey will earn an average of $44 000. A soccer player will get an average of $70 000 a year. A basketball player will get an average of $78 000 per annum. Rugby and football stars will be earning upwards of $200 000. Aussie cricket stars earn the most, with an average of a whopping $ 500 000, and may get as much as $4 500 000 if they are very good.
From this we can see that poker is becoming an increasingly lucrative career, but unfortunately it still does not compare to the earnings of some professional athletes who have the advantage of a stable income!
If you want to look at this in more detail. The below infographic can help you discover how much a pro poker player can make compared too other Australian sports stars.
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