Prince Charles' 31-Year-Old ToastCare for some toast? We doubt you’d want to eat this 31-year-old toast though.

A piece of toast found fame when it sold at an auction for £230. It is believed to be a left-over piece of toast from Prince Charles’ breakfast, from the day he got married to Princess Diana on 29 th July 1981.

Rosemarie Smith, 83, a mother of a former Buckingham Palace servant kept the royal wedding toast for 31 years in her cupboard. Her daughter was among the maids who served Prince Charles breakfast on his wedding day. After she saw his unfinished breakfast on a tray outside his room, she
decided to keep it as a token from the 1981 royal wedding.

She made up her mind to sell the toast after seeing royal collectors paying a lot of money for all sorts
of royal valuables, especially after the William and Kate boom and the successful Diamond Jubilee this year.

“I just wandered into the auctioneers out of curiosity and asked them if it was worth anything,” she said. Auctioneers recommended a sell at auction and sure enough Rosemarie Smith did not regret it after getting the surprise sum of £230.

We’re wondering what kind of deranged fatty buys a 31-year-old piece of toast though.

By Julie Hebenstreit

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