You’ll often hear football fans using serious criminal offences to describe aspects of the game.
A team can be “robbed” of three points, for example, players can be “slaughtered” by the opposition, and fullbacks can be “raped” by wingers – though admittedly people have stopped using that last one as it’s highly offensive to women.
But one bloke in Argentina took things a little too far recently after phoning the police to report a robbery because of a 96th-minute goal against his favourite team.
A transcript of the conversation was recorded by officials and has been doing the rounds online. “I’ve just been robbed in Parque Patricios, 2400 Amancio Alcorta (the address of Huracan’s ground),” says the angry fan to an operator.
When the woman asked him how many of them were there, he replied: “Fifty thousand.”
The Boca Juniors fan is now facing prison for wasting the police’s time.  Bit harsh. Surely a yellow card would be more appropriate.