Police Find Alligator During Cannabis RaidPolice officers got more than they bargained for on a recent cannabis raid in Cheshire.

Following a tip-off about a cannabis factory, police raided the house a find an alligator splashing around in a bathtub.

The normal-looking three-bedroom semi, was actually housing the freaky 8 ft long reptile in the bathroom. As you do.

Continuing their raid on houses and shops nearby, they went on to find several poisonous cobras and a rattlesnake.

Wildlife officers removed the reptiles and a 33-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of cultivating cannabis and possessing dangerous wild animals.

He was released on police bail, pending further enquiries.

Cheshire Police Inspector, Dave Gordon, said some of the seized animals were “potentially lethal” and they were concerned for public safety.

We can only imagine the owner was high when they made these weird pet choices.

Oh shit, we forgot to put the echidnas back in their hutch! Back in a mo!

By Anna Tabrah

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