Pies Are A Bit RichWho ate all the pies? Well, for once it’s not Frank Lampard scoffing down a steak and ale special as he watches England at Euro 2012. Instead it’s Fulham chief cock Mohamed al Fayed. Kind of.

Apparently Harrods has started to stock pies which have previously only been available on the terraces at Morecambe FC, with well-heeled locals in Knightsbridge going mad for the steak and ale and chicken, ham and leek snacks.

The pies are made at Morecambe’s ground, the Globe Arena, by pie maker Graham Aimson, and are being supplied to Harrods via a local butcher.

“It is brilliant. To be supplying to the best shops in the country makes it all worthwhile,” Graham said. “It’s great we are getting recognition – footie fans obviously have the best taste!”

Graham’s pies – which have been voted the best in football two years running – have proved so popular that the initial order of 100 was quickly snapped up and a further 100 ordered in.

But while pie lovers in the swanky London postcode can now get a taste of Morecambe, the clubs fans still have the best of it: in addition to the two flavours being sold at Harrods, fans at the ground can also buy pork, apple and cider pies as well as two sweeter options, a butter pie and a Bramley apple pie.

And just like footballers who come to London from up north, such as Fernando Torres, the price has been ridiculously bumped up from 2.50 on the terrace to 9.95 in Harrods.

The pies still offer better value for money than Torres too.

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