Pensioners Behaving BadlyA gang of British old-age pensioners have become YouTube stars following the publication of a video that shows them daubing graffiti over walls, downing bottles of booze and pelting neighbours’ houses with flour and eggs.
The two minute video – which proves anything we can do, Nan can do better – opens with a wayward pensioner proclaiming, “Epic! what we did last nite! — Had a right laugh — did some tagging, got lashed, smashed a load of stuff up and went trick or treatin. It was sick man! Check it out!!!”
It goes on to show a gang of Grandad’s blasting their stereo, fighting and throwing beer bottles on the ground while Granny downs a bottle of wine on her mobility scooter. The naughty octogenarians then go on to smash beer cans around with their walking-come-hockey sticks and bash in car doors while donning Halloween masks.
The footage, which is part of Lancashire police’s bid to tackle anti-social behaviour, was created to highlight the ‘stupidity’ of antisocial behaviour and at the end of the film a message reads: “Anti-social behaviour – It’s just not funny at any age.”
My, my – how wrong could one police force be?
By Rebecca Jones