YMCA policeman

In another ‘light bulb above the head” moment, Irish American homicide detective, Edward Foy, has stated that it’s time for Irish police to carry guns.

The 39-year U.S. law enforcement veteran explained that whilst heading back to his hotel just off Grafton Street in Dublin on St Paddy’s Day he and his colleagues, who were on vacation, spotted a group of police who were being surrounded by “intoxicated youthful offenders”.

Foy said “I watched, thinking ‘I hope these thugs are not armed with a gun or edged weapon’. Because when you go up against multiple individuals who are under the influence, it’s dangerous. And the only weapon they have is a nightstick. In my opinion, arming these officers with nothing but a baton in these conditions is simply reckless.”
After observing the situation for a number of minutes Foy and his buddies dropped their donuts, zipped up their bum bags and stepped in. He said “The officers knew we were cops and we just basically stood around the two of them. It could have been really ugly; but there were four of us, and we’re above average size (what a shocker), we had their backs. So when the crowd was dispersed they thanked us and we went on about our business, they went about theirs.”
The homicide detective said the difference between being armed with a nightstick or a gun is “an unwritten respect”.
Now BBM is no gun expert, but the average number of people shot or killed by guns in America is 31,000 per year, with over a million being killed since 1968. Taking gun advice from a Yank is like taking a childcare course at Joseph Fritzels house.

By Mickey Maguire