Oxford University Women Pulling GuideSo usually when your off at university, you get some group of lads who, to prove they are alphas, will do something stupid like streak around town or make an all-round general tit of themselves. But compared to that, Oxford university boys make even more tits of themselves just by writing a book.

A group of young boys published a guide on how to pull women and make them agree to have sex with you. You can tell some guys were virgins when they were writing this guide eh? Tom Beardsworth (shit name) is the main author of the book, a 19 year old from Manchester. He was forced to apologize and the guide was taken down, with Beardsworth’s reputation as a misogynist amongst girls in the UK going up 100%.

Beardsworth had this to say in one part of the guide: “She’ll have had a lot of it; way more than you. Do not believe any assertions to the contrary – she is massaging your fragile ego.
“Posh Girls lose their virginity at 15, often to the same floppy-haired bloke (remember, they share everything).”
So not only is he a posh git, but he has something against people with long hair. I’m sure Tom won’t be getting any more ‘posh-totty’ anytime soon anyway.

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