1in8womenThat’s what women think of themselves anyway. According to a recent survey only one in eight women (13 per cent) have the confidence to call themselves ‘attractive’.

Dove Body Confidence Census 2012, a survey of 1,000 UK women conducted by Dove Skincare (the soap people) asked a number of image related questions.

Holly Willoughby and Kate Winslet were second and third in women’s most ‘inspirational beauties’, while first place went to Kate Middleton. I’d put Christina Hendricks at the top of the list, but that’s me.

Over three-quarters (78%) rated ‘real women’ as the image they would most like to see in beauty advertising. Real women usually meaning the ones that don’t mind being a bit chubby and saggy as opposed to the fake women who are naturally skinny or athletic.

27% of women admit the biggest pressure to be beautiful actually comes from themselves. As a result, just 13% have the confidence to label themselves ‘attractive’.

After themselves on the list of beauty pressures came society at 19% and the media at 13%.

5% of women feel pressure from friends, family and partners but one in four women were unable to remember when they last received a compliment that made them feel beautiful.

The research revealed that the key to feeling confident was a clear combination of relationships and looking good. Being loved (78%) was the biggest ego booster followed by having a strong relationship or marriage (53%), receiving compliments (50%), liking how you look in the mirror (35%), being in good physical shape (33%), and taking good care of yourself (31%).

82% agree they feel their best inside and out when they care about the way they look.

The research also revealed different attitudes to confidence across varying age groups. As women get older, the amount of compliments they give per day reduces significantly.

One in five 18-24 year old women (20%) tell their female friends they look beautiful daily, but that drops considerably to just one in 25 of 55-64 year olds (4%) do the same.
Both those age groups had the lowest beauty confidence while those in the 25 to 29-year-old age bracket feel the most assured about their looks.

One in eight seems to be a recurring number for women, what with other studies revealing that this is the statistic for the amount who will get breast cancer and who will continue working past the age of 70.

By Lewis Roe

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