One Hump Or TwoA family of freaks in Warwickshire have taken to travelling around everywhere on camels.

Rebecca Fossett, her circus-raised husband Joseph and their soon-to-be-bullied children Daisy, 13, and Leo, ten, are Britain’s only owners of a herd of camels.

“We go out in public on them once or twice a week and people love seeing them,” said Mrs Fossett, 42.

“People think camels are grumpy and spit all the time but that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Grumpy? Spitting? Sounds like she’s probably mixed-up camels with Scottish people to us.

“They love the beach,” added Joseph. “As soon as they get the sand between their toes you can see they instantly feel at home.”

We’re not sure how the condom-strewn ice-cold beaches of Cleethorpes compare to the deserts of the Sahara but we get your point Jo.

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