Wenlock And Mandeville- London 2012 MascotsWe’ve labeled them sperm with eyes, but other more extreme references to the Olympic Mascots -Wenlock and Mandeville – have included ‘totalitarian toys’ ‘creepy surveillance aliens’ and our favourite, ‘a drunken one-night stand between a Teletubby and a Dalek.’

The two futuristic creatures were selected over other mascot ideas including a Big Ben with arms and legs, an animated teapot, or anthropomorphic pigeons. Created with elements associated with London (they have taxi lights on their heads) Wenlock and Mandeville have been labeled downright creepy by most

London citizens as the huge eyes spread like wildfire, immortalised in enormous figurines in the streets, and plastered on buses, billboards and various London 2012 merchandise. We aren’t convinced, but surely the fantastical mascots are a little less creepy than a flock of huge, talking pigeons?

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