With just 100 days to go until the start of the Olympic Games in London on July 27, 2012, excitement is mounting, as is the number of Olympic visitors seeking accommodation for their stay. With demand for accommodation predicted to peak during the three months before the Games, help is at hand for last-minute bookers thanks to ‘Accommodation for the Games’ (www.accommodationforthegames.com ), a website that enables London visitors to rent private properties at Olympic-time, with fresh opportunities appearing on the market all the time.

Ideal for helping Olympic visitors to find houses, apartments, rooms and more, to meet their individual needs, ‘Accommodation from the Games’ features a vast array of rental options, spread across the UK’s capital city. So that visitors can make informed decisions about where to stay, the site includes helpful descriptions of different neighborhoods, as well as detailing the out-of-town areas that are hosting Olympic events. Other useful information includes hotels, airport transfers, train times, restaurants, theater bookings, and more.

Property owners on ‘Accommodation for the Games’ benefit from the site’s useful guides to renting out their homes at Olympic-time and can upload photos of their property, describe the amenities available and pinpoint it on a map. They can log in 24/7 to amend their listing.

A London-based venture itself, with expert London-based partners, ‘Accommodation for the Games’ is ideally placed to offer visitors to London a first-class service. One of its new partnerships is with Solex Legal Services (www.solexlegalservices.com/2012.html ), which can write bespoke holiday lettings contracts between property owners and renters, to ensure that everything is legally ‘watertight’ and both parties have the security they require.

Rex Batey, managing director of ‘Accommodation for the Games’, says: “Visiting London for the 2012 Olympics should be a joyful and hassle-free experience. Renting suitable accommodation should be hassle-free too, even if it’s done at the very last minute, with experience from Sydney, Beijing and Vancouver suggesting that demand will peak between now and July. The accommodation options featured on ‘Accommodation for the Games’ range from narrow boats moored on the London Canal network to penthouse apartments with sensational views of the Olympic Park.”

He adds: “To ensure that visitors are confident about the legitimacy of their holiday rental, we provide a contract service that confirms the ID and ownership of the property. People can board their plane to London safe in the knowledge that they have everything arranged. Some property owners on our site also offer our personal concierge service to meet and greet guests, then look after them and the property during their stay.”

He concludes: “We have accommodation to meet just about every need on our site – but with the prices remaining reasonable, even in the last few weeks before the Games commence.”

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