Ye Shiwen at the OlympicsApparently because someone wins a race by a record, and it happens to be a girl, she is classed as a drug cheat. I know you get 16 year olds doing drugs, but damn this one is exaggerated!

16 year old Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen broke her own personal best by 5 seconds to gain gold in the 400m medley in the London Olympics, but suspicions arose when in the last 50m she was faster than the mens champion Ryan Lochte. US Coach John Leonard said her performance was ‘disturbing’ and accused her of possible doping, whilst also comparing her to the East German women swimmers of the 1980’s known to have taken performance enhancing drugs.

Lord Colin Moynihan of the British Olympics association has backed Shiwen and called the accusations “regrettable”. So I guess that ends this whole affair. But there is still one question out there; why have Team GB not won any gold yet? Not that they have been shit, but come on China are really making Britain look like Faroe Islands now.

By Jason Barr

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