Olympic Football Tickets Stall. Another Bad Week For The FAThe last thing the FA want is another bad situation against them after Don Fabio criticised their decision to remove John Terry of the England Captaincy. But now the twats have another embarrassing situation on their hands; they can’t sell their sport at the Olympics. Football is the only sport at the Olympic Games out of 26 sports that has not been sold out yet, with over 1.5 million tickets still available. I think we’ve seen enough of David Beckham in his underwear that the women in the crowd can’t bear to see him with clothes ON during the games.

Football Supporter’s Federation Chief Malcolm Clarke says he thinks it’s high prices and lack of interest that are behind the low sales. He said “The general problem is that Olympic football is not seen as the pinnacle.”

“Most die-hard fans will be heading to Poland and Ukraine for Euro 2012 and wouldn’t have even thought about the Olympics. They should have also priced the tickets much lower.” He’s right though, most England and Ireland fans will go to Poland and Ukraine to watch their team get thrashed and humiliated by the big teams than watch them get thrashed on home soil.

The Football Olympics chiefs think that when the draw for the games in April is done, more fans will know which games to attend and ticket sales will soar. So you Olympic Football fans out there, hope its England, Spain and Germany in a group and not Andorra if you want to buy tickets!

By Jason Barr

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