A quick-thinking octopus hid itself on the belly of a dolphin to avoid being eaten – and got a free ride in the process.

Scientists managed to photograph the spectacle, which took place off the west coast of Greece near the island of Kalamos.

The dolphin attempted to shake the octopus off by jumping out of the water three times, but the octopus was obviously having so much fun teasing the poor mammal that it decided to cling to it for as long as possible.

Eventually, the dolphin managed to get rid of the octopus and returned to its group trying to play it cool, showing no signs of distress.

Biologist Joan Gonzalvo, who is working in Greece for the Ionian Dolphin Project, said: “I have never seen anything like this. My hypothesis is that the dolphin might have attacked – tried to prey on the octopus – and somehow to avoid it the octopus just attached to the dolphin’s belly.”

Perhaps the dolphin needs to think of a better strategy for the next time it tries to prey on an octopus!

By Georgina Deacon

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