o is for obsceneHATS off to low quality toy manufacturers Chad Valley who’s latest kiddy toy not only teaches young tykes their ABCs – it also makes them swear like fucking sailors.
Cheapskate dad Mark Rance bought his three-year-old daughter the £16.99 Chad Valley light and sound ABC game from Argos hoping it would teach little Rianna the phonetic alphabet.
All was fine when she pressed the letter ‘A’ and the toy said Apple, no problems with the letter B either – but the problem started when she got to C. Can you think of a naughty word that begins with C boys and girls? We’ll give you a clue – it’s not Clitoris, but it’s around the same region. Bingo!
Mark, of Yeovil, Somerset, said: “She picked up on it straight away and now she keeps saying it. I’m furious. We had all the family here listening to it on Christmas Day. It was very embarrassing.
“We just hope she won’t keep saying it. We pressed F to make sure it was OK but the rest of the letters are normal.”
Which is eerily similar to when BBM mispronounced a Sesame Street character’s name to our nephew, when what we actually meant to say was “That’s the Count.”