We always thought the worst thing about DIY was the trip round Ikea. Oh how wrong we were. Shropshire handyman Alan Williams took ineptitude to new heights last month after accidentally bolting his hand to the floor.

The 46-year-old was at his home in Market Drayton, Shropshire, when he slipped at the top of the stairs and accidentally fired a five-inch nail through his left hand.

“The fire chief said he hadn’t seen anything like it in 40 years, I ended up having to go to hospital with a floorboard attached to my hand,” said Williams.

“When I got to hospital the doctors weren’t sure if they should push or pull it out, I had to go into theatre for an hour for them to remove the nail.”

He was stuck for four hours, unable to move or get help, until his wife finally arrived home and called for the emergency services. During the wait for the ambulance, she passed the time by nagging him for not doing the dishes.

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