Noisy Neighbours

The bulbous and annoying mess that is Vanessa Feltz has allegedly been fined £3000 by Westminster Council after having a weekend long house party celebrating her daughter’s engagement. Apparently Westminster City Council noise patrol officers were first called to the TV presenter’s house in St. John’s Wood, London shortly before 5pm on March 27, where Feltz and her daughter explained that they were carrying out sound tests. (What like testing how loud you can play music and for what length of time before you piss everyone down your street off?) The council were then contacted throughout the night by neighbouring residents and visited the presenter’s house again in the morning to ask that the noise be turned down further. Flabby Feltzy decided it was best not to put up a fight and pleaded guilty by letter so she didn’t miss any time off work. As annoying as a noisy neighbour can be, we have to say we admire her work hard play hard ethics. Party on!