Medical students ‘get frisky' on hospital tripA horny health care student was caught giving head to another trainee doctor at Southampton General Hospital. The pair were on a study visit from nearby Southampton University waiting for a lecture to start when they found a fun way to pass the time. Unfortunately for the lucky lad, they were interrupted by one seriously shocked nurse who immediately called for security.

The identities of the second year students is still a mystery as they managed to flee before security arrived. Hospital staff spent ages going through CCTV tapes trying to find the culprits (and probably hoping to see some free porn) but the couple had dodged every camera.

Dr Chris Stevens, Associate Dean of the University, sent a “friendly warning” email around campus urging students to be more professional. He said, “If you want to perform oral sex I am sure you can find a more comfortable place, off NHS property!” Is that a hint of jealousy we detect Dr?

Another member of the faculty, Professor Ian Cameron also warned students, “We take allegations of misconduct seriously”. This may seem like a satirical reflection of how seriously Brits now take the NHS, but we can’t help
wanting to high five these saucy students!

By Rachel Trickett