Mayor rock's his wife's world

…Well her driveway to be more specific. The leader of a small provincial town in Canada decided to give a whole new meaning, albeit a quite literal one, to getting your girl a huge rock. After Danny Lariviere’s 10-year marriage to Isabelle Prevost came to a somewhat bitter end last year, he decided he’d dump a 20-tonne rock with a pink ribbon and ‘Happy Birthday Isa XX’ painted on the front in the poor bird’s driveway, and owning a few local quarries, it was pretty easy to get his hands on the great boulder. It’s fair to say when she returned to find the boulder she hunted down the bastard and chopped his nuts off. Ok so no she didn’t, as that would be a little bit psycho, but instead she reported it to the police. Doubt she’ll get anywhere with it though, as it’s a pretty funny thing to do. If we were the police, we’d just ruffle the mischevious little scamp’s head and ask the toe rag to move it, then ask him what he’s learned from all this.

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