javier mascheranoJAVIER MASCHERANO has winked at Rafa Benitez and lifted his skirt up to reveal black and blue frilly knickers after his agent claimed Javier would jump at the chance to follow Rafa Benitez to Inter Milan.

Benitez, the master of doing just enough to stay in a job without winning much, is thought to be weighing up a bid for Mascherano after replacing Jose Mourinho at the San Siro.

“After the World Cup, he has switched off but it’s clear he is happy to be a target of top clubs in the transfer market,” said slice-of-the-cake taker Walter Tamer.

“Last season, it was the European champions Barcelona that wanted him and this year it’s Inter, the current Champions League winners. For him to be linked to Inter has a magical taste – it’s a dream.

“Think about it, the strongest team in the world wants him, a team where many of Mascherano’s compatriots play and a side that is guided by a coach with whom Mascherano has a personal bond.”

So that’s got nothing to do with you getting 15 per cent of any transfer fee then eh Walter?