A 54-year-old man decided to pull a prank on the residents of a village in Warwickshire and parked an old Reliant Robin 15ft up a tree.

Some observers from the canal below in Preston Bagot thought it might be a piece of modern art or a political statement, but Gregan Thompson insists that it was just a joke.

“It was a spur of the moment decision to put it in the tree,” said Mr Thompson. “It isn’t a statement of any sort, it was just a laugh to put it up there.”

Mr Thompson, a classic car racer, needed the engine for another vehicle and was left with the fibreglass shell of the Reliant Robin.

Using a rope and a Vauxhall Vectra, he was helped by three friends to hoist the car, made famous by Only Fools and Horses, into place.

“My friends thought I was mad, but they still agreed to help. It’s really only people on the canal who see it, and you hear the odd comment of ‘what on earth is that doing there?’

“People look up and expect to see Grandad out of Only Fools and Horses peering out the back.”

By Georgina Deacon

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