Man Makes Music Using His Own BodyMost people can play the piano or a guitar, but how many can ‘play’ their own body? And no we don’t mean just rhythmically expelling gas, you dirty buggers!

Kentucky native Peter Kirn has taught himself to make extraordinary melodic sounds using his own body.

Kirn, 34, uses two electrically charged pennies connected to a laptop via two wires, which are held together with the help of hot glue, to make it possible for Kirn to measure the electrical currents that are coming from his body and orchestrates them into melodic sounds.

The 34-year-old creative technology writer is among others who possess this incredible skill and are playing in Berlin, Germany at the moment. The ultimate artists’ goal is to discover new ways of making music, using the human body.

“As your mood changes, the skin responds because it is part of the same system as your brain, which controls the pores of your skin,” said Kirn. Thus he is able to use his own mood swings to produce these exceptional sounds.

Interesting shiz eh!

By Julie Hebenstreit

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