Man Finds Kidney Through Facebook Mark Zuckerberg really has got a lot to be smug about. Not only has Facebook become THE go-to site for stalkers and bloodthirsty ex’s everywhere, now it’s hooking people up with kidneys.

38-year-old Damon Brown from Seattle shattered another taboo on the social networking site when he set up his group ‘Damon Kidney’ in search of a life-saving donor.

Friends and family forwarded the link to everyone they knew and within a few days Damon had found a donor: an old friend of his wife’s.

Amazingly, Brown is not the first person to find an organ through social networking sites. This past year, a Michigan man also found a kidney donor on Facebook, and a Florida woman found one through Craigslist.

And as Damon’s case indicates, it seems people are pretty damn quick to give up their parts to strangers. Like April Capone, the previous mayor of East Haven, Connecticut who gave up her kidney to a constituent she barely knew after seeing his ‘wanted’ post on Facebook. Apparently Ms Capone had no personal reason for donating a kidney, she just wanted to save a vote – er – life.

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: RebeccaEJones

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