Lindsay After Dentist Goes ViralThere are a lot of videos circulating around YouTube showing people coming around after having anaesthesia from the dentist. An example of this is the popular video ‘David after Dentist’, which shows a 7 year old David delirious from the drug.

This particular clip has now reached a whopping 109 million views and shows no signs slowing down. The effects of the medicine offers a harmless and extremely amusing, delirious reaction which makes for the perfect funny video. This is exactly the case of American teenager Lindsay.

This latest video to hit YouTube has already racked up over 1 million views. It shows the teen experiencing the side effects of the anaesthesia after having her wisdom teeth taken out. Being filmed in her mum’s car, she has the revelation that she doesn’t live in America and actually comes from Hogwarts.

Talking about the nurse to her mum she says, “She thought I went to college, but we don’t even live in America.” After a few seconds of trying to figure out where she does live, she announces: “Hogwarts! I live in Hogwarts. I’m a wizard. I forgot! I bet they put a spell on me.”

After coming to the conclusion that she is actually from Hogwarts she then declares to take her revenge on the people who cast the spell with her ‘lightsaber’. This brilliantly hilarious video concludes with the teen acknowledging that she is actually under the influence of something stating “I love this medicine.”


By Hannah Biggs


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