Ace Power Fitness MachineDesperate for the toning benefits of horse-riding, but don’t have a hooved, four-legged friend to saddle up and ride off into the sunset with? Lucky for you, the Koreans have come up with an exercise contraption that will tone your core, butt and thighs in the comfort of your very own home!

Yes, it may be just another highly over-priced gimmick, but this one comes with a laughable 6 minute long piece of video footage that is sure to trigger infectious giggling. The ‘Ace Power fitness machine’ allows you to bounce, grind, and gyrate on the small seat that supposedly mimics the movement of a horse, but in actual fact, all the demo models in the video seem to be participating in is overly suggestive sexual movements. They spend most of the 6 minutes thrusting in an enthusiastic manner.

After carefully applying our in-depth fitness knowledge we’ve come up with a better solution: get laid!

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