Kim Jong-Il JokesKim Jong Il is dead.
I can’t bereave it.
– Joe, London

So Kim Jong-Il is dead. That’s the end of his Korea.
– Sophie, Bath

Kim Jong-Il’s family have requested that, in lieu of flowers, mourners be quiet and remember their place.
– Nick, Kingston

Gadaffi, Bin Laden and Kim Jong-Il have all died this year. Maybe Team America does exist.
– Steve, Newcastle

Turns out it wasn’t a heart attack. Paramedics discovered that it was suicide from being too ronery.
– Valerie, London

RIP Kim Jong Ill. No doubt one of the most legendary Asians of a generation, seconded only by the small handful who have conquered Takeshi’s Castle.
– Adam, Birmingham

Despite years of being an evil dictator reports show that the former leader of North Korea is drinking and happy up in heaven, as the song says:
Kim Jong merrily on high.
– Jodie, Brighton

Why did Kim Jong-il die a week before December 25th?
Because Rudolph is the only deer leader at Christmas.
– Ben, Torquay

So, Kim Jong Il is dead…
I can finally wear my safari suit again!
– Myles, Sutton

The President of North Korea has passed away. Ever the joker in life, his epitaph will read: ‘I told you I was Il.’
– Mark, Norwich

For sale: Small olive green boiler suit.
All enquires to Mr Kim Jong Un.
– Natasha, Croydon

R.I.P Kim Jung-il, I still cant beleive he’s dead, it’s amazing how quickly his health declined, he looked so healthy in Team America.
– Mat, Bournemouth

So Kim Jung-Il is dead. I fucking loved him in The Hangover.
– Jay, Liverpool

Apparently Kim Jong Il has asked to be cremated with his dog. Not because he loved her, but just as a quick snack for the afterlife.
– Tommy, Essex

The media are reporting Kim Jong Il died of fatigue. You’d be tired too if you’d written ‘Hamlet’, cured polio, and won the Tour De France 19 times.
– John, Melbourne

Many of my friends have been making tasteless jokes over the death of Kim Jong Il. His son on the other hand has taken the higher ground and called for a new Korea future. Ah, sorry, “Nuclear” future.
– Tony, Dublin

Many North Koreans are unhappy about the succession plans. Apparently they think the chosen successor is a wrong-Un.
– Sinead, Manchester

I’m confused: CNN says Kim Jong-Il is dead, but N. Korean press says he’s currently fighting a 100-ft. tall U.S. super-robot.
– Holly, London

The bad part about Kim Jong Il dying is that is gonna have to end.
– Tom, Bridgend

I feel bad for Kourtney Jong-Il and Khloe Jong-Il right now.
– Vicky, Birmingham

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