The ugly after-match spat at the San Siro between Gennaro “chopper” Gattuso and Joe Jordan, which left the Spurs assistant coach sporting an ugly blob of Italian hair gel on his upper lip, continues to rumble on. Gattuso apologized immediately after wiping his hair on Jordan’s face in the wake of AC Milan’s 1-0 defeat, while the Spurs man hasn’t even acknowledged the incident – but that hasn’t stopped the Italian’s representatives and Harry Redknapp from fanning the flames on their behalf. The player’s agent, Claudio Pasqualin, claimed: “My client was strongly provoked by Joe Jordan. Jordan, after continuously heckling him, insulted him with a truly low phrase, saying ‘f@*king Italian b@$tard’.” But Redknapp hit back. “This is a case of someone playing the race card, trying to deflect from what happened. Joe is not, and never has been, a racist,” he said while munching on some jellied eels and listening to Snooker Loopy.