Photo of the Joker

Ten years. Trillions of dollars. Thousands of soldiers dead. State of the art technology. The US finally found Bin Laden.
In his house.
John, Brisbane

Apparently, Bin Laden had a 25 million dollar price tag on his head.
What kind of ridiculous, designer turban was he wearing?
Timothy, Perth

I saw my brothers mate yesterday.
I said: “You really shouldn’t be doing that… you’re brothers.”
Terry, Bondi

Coincidentally, an anagram of Osama Bin Laden is “Lob da man in sea”.  
Thomas, Brisbane

I was walking past my local community board the other day, when I spotted an advert that said: ‘Women Against Sexism Workshop’.
I thought: “Workshop? That’s no place for a woman.”  
Jimbo, Cairns

I’m in a band called The Taxpayers.
We’ve been supporting Queen and Prince for years.
Jack, Bondi

I’ve just got back from a deep sea fishing trip with my mate.
We didn’t catch much, just a burst blow up doll with a beard drawn on it.  
Peter, Coogee

I’ve started dating Little Red Riding Hood’s gran.
She’s an animal in bed.   
Jimmy, Edgecliff

When I was told I had one hour to live, it was hard to decide what I should do.
Eventually I chose to forward the email to 25 of my friends.   
Todd, Coogee

The entire Pakistani military have written a letter to the UN begging for help locating their mouths and chins.
It seems they have trouble in finding anything that has been right under their fucking noses for years.  
Ted, Townsville

Apparently Bin Laden had eight wives.
Damn, his house must have been clean.
Geoff, Double Bay