John Terry RacismYou could even call him a racist’s racist or an accidental racist, but what you can’t call John Terry is boring. He’s been the Football captain of his country, cheated on his wife and now accused of racism; I smell a Russell Crowe starring Oscar nomination here. But the real story is John Terry’s court case.

After yesterday, John Terry has accepted his use of racist language, but declared he is not a racist. Well today, the court heard more from Anton Ferdinand’s side of the story as well today. The barrister accused Ferdinand of not having enough evidence and wanting to throw away the case, which was obviously rejected for being cheap! The exact language that was used by both Terry and Ferdinand had been analysed by a professional lip-reader which dominated proceedings of today and Terry denied Ferdinand’s words on goading him on his affair with Wayne Bridge’s ex wife provoked him into using the language used.

So it looks more likely non-racist racist John Terry will be getting his maximum conviction… a £2500 quid fine. They say conviction like he is going to jail or something, that’s about 1% of his wage packet each month!

By Jason Barr