Jimmy Carr’s big head gets auctioned off on ebayBritish comedian Jimmy Carr is not exactly anyone’s favourite after his recent tax avoidance scandal.

However, Lancashire salvage firm Ribble Reclamation have bizarrely put a giant model of Jimmy’s
head up for sale on ebay.

In a bid to raise money for social welfare charity, Recycling Lives UK, the starting price is currently at

And the owner of Ribble Reclamation, Paul Johnson, actually thinks someone will be mental enough
to buy it.

“With all this stuff in the press about Jimmy’s tax affairs, we thought it would be nice to try and flog

it on eBay to make a few bob for charity,” he told Civil Society Media.

The monstrosity measures 13ft tall and 11ft wide and will be auctioned off to the poor fool with the
highest bid when the auction ends in 3 days’ time.

The model is made of fibreglass and previously featured in a famous Walkers crisps advert.

It features a back door entrance with stairs and can apparently fit 10 people. Useful stuff.

A Recycling Lives spokesman told The Metro: “It’ll be interesting to see if anyone stumps up the
money for the head – it’d certainly make an interesting feature for anyone’s home or garden.

“We’re hoping that Jimmy Carr will spot it and decide to cough up, but it may be that there’s a big
fan out there who’ll nab it instead.”

Well, Jimmy does apparently have a couple of quid to spare…

By Anna Tebrah

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