IT goes from robson greenbad to worse for Rob Green.

After pissing all over England’s chances of victory against the USA, the goalkeeper and former Soldier, Soldier star (pictured) split from his lingerie model girlfriend just a few weeks beforehand.

So that’s another couple of bouncers he’s let slip through his grasp.

Elizabeth Minett had been planning to jet out to South Africa before the split but has moved to New York instead. If she’s got a thing for goalkeepers, maybe she wants to hook up with tourettes-tastic Tim Howard. She probably likes a bit of dirty talking.

Meanwhile, Green has apologised to the nation for helping the ball into the net with his hand. Or ‘doing a Thierry’ as BBM calls it.

“I walked in at half-time and said sorry to the chaps,” said Green very Englishly. “Now I apologise to the millions of people back home.”

Fair enough Rob. We’re sure that’ll be the end of the matter.