It’s been a few weeks since yet another iPhone was thrust into our lives and the jokes just keep on coming. Here are the best ones we’ve discovered since the iPhone 6S was released.
My mate was telling me about Apple’s new iPhone feature – photos that move!
I said, “Hang on, tell me again whilst I record a video on my Samsung.”
The iPhone 6S looks pretty much the same as the iPhone 6.
The people that use them look the same as well.
Like twats.
People at work asked me why I spent $300 on a pair of brogues that make me look like a complete arsehole.
I replied, “Well, I can’t afford an iPhone.”
Studies have found that smartphones in the bedroom are to blame for decline in sex lives.
I find that hard to believe. My wanks last longer than my iPhone’s battery.
I’ve just downloaded the best app on my iPhone 6S. It helps me forget that I paid $1000 for the iPhone 6 less than a year ago.
Who walks like a cock while a holding something big and black?
An iPhone wanker.
Whatever the sales figures are, the new iPhone will always be considered a 6S.
The best thing about the iPhone 6S is that the jokes are slightly better than the jokes about the iPhone 6.