We’ve all been there. It’s a boring Wednesday afternoon and you’re watching ‘Countdown’, or the Australian version ‘Letters and Numbers’.

Suddenly you sit up a bit in your chair as the letters are placed: ‘C’ … ‘U’ … ‘N’ … ‘L’. Ah, maybe next time then.

On an recent episode of ‘Letters and Numbers’, one contestant’s choice of consonants and vowels ended up spelling a word on its own, although one that’s probably not in the dictionary.

Australia’s very own Vorderbabes, Lily Serna, managed to keep a slightly crazed straight face as she pulled out the ‘S’. The rest of the letters then fell into place and it was up to host, Richard Morecroft, to break the tension by saying, as smooth as silk: “Entertaining start to the letters!”

Anyway, we’ll leave it up to you to watch the full video, which is as funny as it is cringing. Enjoy.

By Georgina Deacon

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