STORIES about dead babies don’t usually make it into BBM’s ‘funny news’ pages, but after being frozen for three days tiny newborn Ella Anderson was miraculously brought back to life in Cambridge.

Ella had been dead for 25 minutes due to a lack of oxygen in the womb and although medics managed to revive her, it was thought the wee bairn would still die due to severe brain damage.

She was whisked 30 miles away to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, and placed in a cooling blanket which protects against brain damage by forcing the organ to repair itself. Ella’s temperature promptly plummeted from 37C to 33.5C.

Although freezing the baby is a standard procedure, we at BBM can not help but notice the coincidence here. Ella’s doctor no doubt had been watching Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and the doctor was probably like, “Hey guys want to try some funny shit?” , cut to three days later, “Oh shit it worked!?”

Dad Jason Anderson, 33, of Werrington, Peterborough, said: “When we went to see her in the hospital she was wired up to every machine and tube imaginable. I laid my hand on her head and she was ice cold to the touch.”

The treatment worked and the youngster was allowed home just 11 days later and scans have shown no abnormalities on her brain.