Les DaviesEver heard of Les Davies? Probably not, unless you’re easily confused and think he was the bloke who used to host Family Fortunes. ?Well Davies is a Welsh footballing wizard who is being talked about in the same breath as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo after being named as one of the 32 nominees for UEFA’s outstanding performer of the year.

So who is this unknown gem then? Is he a young ‘Gareth Bale’ type player making a name for himself in the lower leagues perhaps? Or maybe he’s been quietly turning heads in the Bundesliga for years, like Owen Hargreaves did before becoming a cripple.?The answer is none of the above. Les is a 27-year-old midfielder who plays for Bangor. He somehow managed to get nominated for the award thanks to a Welsh journalist who is presumably either joking, or knows shag all about football beyond the valleys of Cymru.?”The phone hasn’t stopped ringing with people wanting to talk about it,” said baffled Les. “I’ve even had a message to call CNN in America. I know the likes of Messi and Ronaldo are used to all the attention, but not me.?”It’s just unreal to be on the same list as them, because we are worlds apart. While they do a few training routines during the day, I’m in a factory on a local industrial estate, Monday to Friday, working for a firm that produces safety equipment for things like rock climbing.”

Club media officer Huw Pritchard took on the task of making his candidacy for one of UEFA’s top individual accolades sound plausible.?”I wasn’t having it,” Les said. “Huw did his best, but I was sure it was a wind-up.”?The bad news for Bangor fans is Kenny ‘Buy British’ Dalglish is no longer in charge at Liverpool, otherwise they could have expected a $35million bid by the end of the week.

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