A six week old kitten abandoned on the side of a road has failed to find a home – because it looks like Adolf Hitler.
The homeless cat, dubbed ‘Kitler’, was snubbed by prospective pet owners for fears she was associated with the Purred Reich.
Since being found on the side of the A421 by a member of the public, she has been nursed back to health at the Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. Spokeswoman Tara Dundon described her as ‘’an adorable little girl who will make a wonderful addition to the right family. She is really playful and a typical sweet kitten.”
However, things are looking up for the feline fuhrer. Since receiving worldwide media attention for her distinctive looks, she has been renamed Luminus and has no shortage of admirers willing to adopt her.
Luminus is now considering a career as a Charlie Cat-lin lookalike.

By Jonathan Anderson