Irish Pub TeamThey may have been perennial Champions League also-rans a few years ago, but IFK Gothenburg aren’t exactly swimming in glamour ties this season.

A few years ago they were playing Manchester United and AC Milan on a regular basis, but last month Sweden’s biggest club played a competitive game against an Irish pub team.

Langholmen FC, which features four Irish lads, was created for English-speaking footy fans in Stockholm. It is only ten years old and lies second from bottom of Division 4 – the sixth tier of Swedish football – but that did not stop them qualifying for Sweden’s main cup competition, where they were drawn against the Swedish giants.

Before the game, defender Ciaran McCormack, from Howth, north Dublin, said: “We usually get around 50 people at the matches, but there’s talk of well over 1,000 for this one. I think they wanted to move to another venue, but that wasn’t possible.

“We’ve a few Irish players. Paul Sullivan in centre midfield is from Howth, Robbie Graham is from Cork, and Colm Kenny, although unfortunately he’s injured at the moment.

“The club basically started when a group of pals met for a regular Saturday morning kickaround on a gravel pitch and it’s gone on from there.”
Langholmen’s shirts are sponsored by their local boozer, Southside – aka “Stockholm’s best and friendliest Irish pub”. Predictably, they got absolutely battered by the Swedish champions – losing 9-0 at home.

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